General Terms and Conditions - Webshop (EN)

Please note that these terms and conditions are for Dutch companies only! If you are a non-Dutch company, and you want to offer services in the Netherlands, please contact us.

General terms are a set of basic rules that you as a webshop owner can use. Everything related to an agreement with customers is arranged in them. Once you have drawn up the general terms, you don’t have to go over them every time with customers.

These terms are governed by Dutch law and are a convenience translation from the original in Dutch.

  • Assurance: the provisions in the general terms are in accordance with Dutch law;
  • Assistance: our wizard provides you with information;
  • Digital safe: your terms and conditions in Word and PDF, safely stored in your own digital safe.

Start drafting your own terms and conditions by clicking "Make Terms". Or read more about the terms and conditions, below. Please also see our disclaimer note. Looking for the Dutch terms and conditions? We have that one as well: https://legalloyd.com/contract/algemene-voorwaarden-webshop

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What is it?

Terms and conditions are the general conditions that apply to your webshop. The terms and conditions entail, among others, provisions on:

  • payment terms;
  • return policy;
  • shipping costs.

What do I need it for?

You use terms and conditions when you sell products on a regular basis. You are not obligated to have general terms, but there are benefits. For example, you are obliged to inform customers about certain topics. With these terms and conditions:

  • it’s clear what the conditions of your services are; and
  • you can minimize your risks and liabilities.

Other designations

  • general terms;
  • T&Cs

Important tips

Provide the terms to your clients in advance and in the right way
Your customers should know what they agree to. That’s why you are legally obligated to provide the terms (‘ter hand stellen’) to your customer before they buy your products. It is not of real importance that the customer has actually read them, but your client should at least have the possibility to read the T&C. If you do not do this properly, the judge can rule that your terms are not in play.

Declare the general terms applicable and refer
You must inform customers when applying general terms. This means that you expressly have to declare the terms applicable and need to specify where they can be found. You can do this, for example, by placing a link to the general terms and conditions page on the order overview.

Prevent annulment
If you do not properly inform customers about the applicable terms, or do not provide them in advance, the judge can rule that your terms are not in play. The general terms and conditions will lose their force with retroactive effect.


This is a convenience translation from the original Dutch terms and conditions. Although we try to assure that the terms are without errors, we do not guarantee this is any way. Also, translated Dutch law concepts may mean something else in other jurisdictions. Note that these terms are to be used in a Dutch context only.